Security Lighting

Effective Security Lighting For Keeping Your Property Safe

If regardless of your best efforts, your property is failing to offer the sense of security its occupants deserve, then you need to rethink about how it is lit, inside and out. Read on for why your existing security lighting needs to be re-evaluated and planned all over again if required.

Why your Lighting needs Careful Assessment?

Along with damaging the underlying security perceptions of your property, improper lighting creates dangerous conditions that are likely to leave you liable for unwarranted incidents that inadequate lighting may contribute to. To assess whether or not revamping your lighting will be the best option, you should consider how well your existing light removes blind spots and permits accurate colour perception, identification and recognition. Check if the lighting around the exterior of your property is well distributed. Also, determine whether the areas in the vicinity of your security cameras are lit well enough to capture high quality video.

Points to Remember when Lighting for Security Purposes

These points should be kept in mind while planning your lighting. Apart from giving you greater peace of mind, they will help you buy the right fixtures and lighting products. So, the accessories used by you for security purposes should:

* Offer an unrestricted view of the area surrounding your property, from a distance too. Also, they should enable anyone moving immediately around it, or within, to be seen quickly.
* Eliminate blind spots in line with frequently traveled routes.
* Permit facial identification from at least 30 feet away.
* Facilitate the efficient use of modern security devices, like cameras.
* Deter night-time crime and vandalism against your property.

Choosing Proper Security Lighting is Essential

The primary things that you should be looking for while planning your lighting for security purposes relate to brightness, area coverage, weather resistance, etc. The fixtures required for fitting these lights range from low-level path lights and porch/doorway lights to high-mounted floodlights. These days, certain manufacturers’ offer a smart combo of security and decorative lighting for large area lighting purposes–choose accordingly.

Additionally, the components and fixtures that are to be installed as porch lights, or under the roof, need not be totally weather resistant just being damp proof is enough. But then, the fixtures for exposed exterior walls and all other unprotected areas (think under the stairs, yards, etc.) have to be completely weatherproof for lasting long-term and being safe.

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